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Progress Reports - Jonathon Yu

posted Jul 30, 2012 02:00:28 by JonathonYu
I'm working on a faction profile right now - most of the important things are fleshed out and I might move on to building the solar system again once I'm finished. Or I might focus on the main planet, depending. Any ideas/suggestions/comments/anything you guys have would be great.
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Deng-Tung said Jul 30, 2012 17:12:47
Ancient history:

Our planet (unnamed still) was once an land still young as the development of life began. It was then the people of good (better name could be thought of later) fleeing from another planet inhabited our planet and started thriving upon the fresh resources our planet had to offer. Years later, the people of good existed as the different "elements" or sort of different kingdoms where each was headed by some sort of a ruler. Thus the elements lived with each other in harmonic peace until one day a betrayal of who sold his soul to the "enemies of good" stole the item that kept the harmony. This enemy of good was an essence that was born through the development of society, a spirit of incomprehensible chaos that wrecks havoc among space. Thus this individual betrayer casted the item into a place of unknown, sparking a mutual blaming and faulting among the elements which grew a powerful civil war that heavily weakened the people of good. The "key" or the map to the place of unknown was kept by the betrayer secretly and then stolen by the "Marker" who acts as the protector of harmony for the people of good. But as the elements fought on, the enemies of good took advantages of the weaknesses and took down kingdoms of each element one by one, turned them against each other and rulers were crushed one by one. Enemies of good had one goal to take down the Marker and destroy the key. Fleeing to the last remaining kingdom, the Marker seemingly crumbled into flames but actually successfully transferred the key into a stone-like object that he protected with his remains (later we find out that it was actually a child). The enemies of good fulfilled its task and fell into a deep sleep as the survivors of the elements ignorantly lived in peace, intermixing their population and as generations go by, modern society was born which takes us to the present.

The plot later plays out that the ancient legend (above) was discovered maybe as a result of your mysteries (Jonathon, Bianca, and Jennifer) which sparks a civil war again among the elements which causes strife within the planet. Enemies of good was awakened again by a descendant of the betrayer (depends on who wants to write that). The child who holds the key is being hunted down by the enemies of good and he along with a bunch of different characters probably from your stories will work to recover the missing item and hold off the enemies to finally put an end to the civil war.

I dreamt this up on a cold dark night. There was some small town aspects of the story that I left out in courtesy to you guys.

Tell me if this sounds okay.
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