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The Salesman Who Sold Out [is awesome, here's a suggestion]

posted Apr 21, 2012 02:19:07 by JamesDay
I really liked The Salesman Who Sold Out. It's a basic tale of man vs devil and devil wins. I must say that it was a great short story, and the characters (while only briefly introduced) were still important to the story and held a deep connection to the story's events.

I personally think it would be cool to have Loman track down other end-of-the-road types and afflict them with other forms of satanic power.

For instance:
A lonely young man with a crippling obsession over a girl he knows: Gains extreme persuasive powers towards the opposite sex regarding intimacy. Dies with Lust engraved on the bed he used to take advantage of other.

An actress starting out in a difficult acting company: Gains the ability to take the abilities of others, rendering their abilities useless and equalled. Dies with Envy pressed into a red dress used in her newest production. This could also be used as a Vain (Pride) story, in which the actress gains the attention and support of anyone she meets.

A war veteran who lost the ability to walk in an attack and blames it on all nationals of the enemy country: Gains the ability to punish anyone he sees fit, regardless of situation with a random but fairly damaging event. Dies with Wrath carved into the rifle he keeps at his house to remember the war he once fought.

I really like The Salesman Who Sold Out, and excellent job writing it.
I like the Loman character and would like to see him again, wherever you can put him.
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