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In case you weren't up to date on it...

posted Apr 14, 2012 18:51:14 by JamesDay
For those who haven't read some of the stories submitted to this website (all four of them), I've read through all the stories and have decided to summarize them because I'm the only guy that spams this website and NOBODY IS POSTING ANYTHING.

Essentially, this is the TL;DR of Literaleigh. Keep in mind, all long stories are based on their respective Chapter Ones. Also, the writing I read was excellent in its many forms, and I post this as something humorous, and in no way malicious. It is me who's writing these so you can understand that these summaries sound'll get the idea.

Age of Fear: A pretty chill king (read: the bro of kings) decides to have a procession with some cool dude called Birgine and a ton of well armed bros with weapons. Then some douchebag with a hood decides to ruin the party and kills the shit out of all the soldiers (presumably with his other douchebag friends). The king, not a fan of getting his shit stabbed, decides to GTFO with his buddy Birgine. BUT IN A TWIST OF FATE Birgine decides to totally un-bro himself by stabbing the king. The king, not a fan of getting his shit stabbed, dies. And there's some shit about secrets, too.

Battle of Channokburn: Braveheart but with less Mel Gibson and more descriptive writing. Hell, even the guy leading the army (read: the main bro) uses the memory of some guy called Wallace to help his guys kill the other guys (read: douchebags).

Every Planet We Reach is Dead: From what the first chapter describes, this story DOES NOT take place on a spaceship. It takes place in a futuristic city (read: futuristic Detroit). There is a guy called Nicholas, and he's a pretty cool dude. He comes from a small town, but he's in a big city in the future. There's some other guy called Matthew, and he's a pretty cool guy who chills with Nicholas. The two are renting out a motel room somewhere in the dirty streets of some city with dirty streets (read: Detroit). Then, when the two are chilling like bosses, some government people wreck that shit. They are probably on the same side as the party-wrecking douchebags in Age of Fear. Anyway, unable to enjoy their dirty motel room, they fight against the government agents LIKE A BOSS and lose. But hey, they tried. Also, who is Caution? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Abyss: EXPOSITION. SO MUCH EXPOSITION. YOU WILL DIE FROM HOW MUCH EXPOSITION THERE IS. Anyway, some dude called Cole works on a ship in the future or some shit. He meets a girl called Michelle who can't do jack shit because she sucks at everything. The two spend a good thousand words or two doing normal things like eating breakfast or talking to each other (read: SO MUCH EXPOSITION). And then they go do engineering shit. Because they don't want the douchebags from the other stories to come ruin their awesome party.

Think you can do better?

Feel free to write any summaries of stories or chapters (or poems) below.
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JonathonYu said Apr 14, 2012 19:09:46
Hopefully more people will end up using these forums in the future [after], but for now, thank you for being the only other person on here.
Even if you have a love affair with the word shit.
JamesDay said Apr 14, 2012 19:26:58
That shit (read: the word "shit) is the shit.


By the way, make your own summaries. You're a writer. Do dat writing.
JonathonYu said Apr 15, 2012 00:04:10
Writing summaries for my own stories would be weird and somewhat self-serving. I'm willing to discuss the stories of others once they start getting involved on the website.
JamesDay said Apr 21, 2012 02:06:56

The Salesman Who Sold Out: There's this pretty sad dude called Jeremy and he's a total bro, but he's not a successful salesman. Because he has to sell shit as a job, and he's not successful, he's hella sad and shit. But then, this other broski called Loman (read: IT'S THE GODDAMN DEVIL) comes up and tells the chocolate-bar munching Jeremy that he can be successful. Forgetting that episode of Twilight Zone where another dude makes a bad decision regarding devil-contracts (read: Escape Clause), he totally accepts that shit. And then he's rich. All the time. For years and years. And his wife dies, but he's like "LOL DUMB BITCH". And then his kids die, but he's like "LOL FAGS". And then he and the devil get stoned and rock out in a Lamborghini [citation_needed] and fly off a cliff and straight into hell. Jeremy gets a suit on his bed that says "greed" so you know that he's in hell doing shit for the Devil. Also, there's a clever Office reference! Like a boss!
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JonathonYu said Apr 24, 2012 00:16:05
James, you're fantastic for keeping basically single-handedly keeping this forum on life support. I'll give the others a heads-up at the meeting.
JamesDay said Apr 24, 2012 03:32:20
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